Saturday, April 21, 2007


Cerveza negra

Dark beer isn't very common in Uruguay although Negra Modela from Mexico and Isenbeck Dark from Argentina have been available in the bigger supermarkets. Today, I saw a locally-brewed dark beer for the first time: Patricia Salus Porter. As the name indicates, it's a porter-style beer-- dark and rich but not as thick as a stout. It's tasty: a nice change from the usual lager-style cervezas and just right for today's cool Fall weather. The label says EdiciĆ³n Limitada so I don't know how long it will be available but I plan to enjoy more before it's gone.

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Dear Chuck, with all the black beer,buseca,niandu,nioquis,asado,etc etc, it seems to me you might have to buy an extra sit on your way back to the states.
I remember last time i was visiting my relatives i had to go on a diet after reaching the land of Oz. Food in Uruguay tastes sooooo goood and the beer is not bad.
Good work Chuck!
your ossie-uruguayan friend
It is great to know there's a new type of local beer on the market. Even if it is for a limited time.
i like this beer...esp. on a nice hot day in Uruguay
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