Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Estancia Los Morteros

We had a great weekend with friends at their estancia in Lavalleja. It's in a beautiful part of the country, several miles from the nearest paved road. The land was planted in eucalyptus six years ago and now looks like a forest. Livestock graze under the trees. A dozen dogs and horses help manage the cows and sheep. A few pigs, chicken and ducks round out the animal life.

We got to watch chorizo being made-- from pig to parrilla. We ate tangerines straight from the tree to accompany fresh pork and cordero. The kids had a great time catching frogs in the pond and minnows in the creek and they were unhappy when they found the critters couldn't return to Montevideo as pets. The star-filled night sky was impressive.

We were all a bit sad when we had to return to the city. Now we have several loads of muddy clothes to wash.

See a photo album from the estancia

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Since you didn't mention it, I assume that the eucalyptus trees are not infested with koalas.

Larry G
No, there are no koalas in Uruguay. But there are lots of "cotorras", small green birds. On summer, we sometimes go to Parque Santa Teresa, in Rocha. The place is full of eucalyptus trees, which are full of these green birds.

When the sun rises, they really make some noise!
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