Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Everyday Montevideo

I had enough fun making last week's video about Montevideo that I decided to create another one. This isn't focused on any particular event, but it's a sampling of regular life in Uruguay's capital. If you've spent more than a couple days in the city, you'll likely be familiar with some of these places.

Watch today's video:

The old version (with Argentinian music) is available here.

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Great blog. Simple and to the point. It brings back fond memories of my own 5 years living there. I Should really return for a visit soon.

P.S. Can you identify the music that you used in the videos? Thanks.
The music in this video is "Grito de Milonga" by Barbara Luna followed by a segment of "Romance en la Habana" by Bebo Vald├ęs
Thank you. I enjoyed this video very much, as I did with your last one. (Also the music). The last time I was in Montevideo was 1971. I hope to visit again soon.
Another great video!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! My children will love to see every bit of it. Thank you for going through the Rambla in Punta Gorda. Even the "vendedora de pescados" was there.
Loved it.
Yes everything great and good but the one song you chose to play speaks of Buenos Aires not Montevideo...
Great job!

I am Uruguayan and enjoyed the video as well, only the music was just (sorry) hideous! You could have played Jaime Roos, Ruben Rada, just to name the most popular ones. The first one even has a song called "Las calles de Montevideo" with a picking tune. If you want some toques de candombe I cand send you some too, just tambores, mariesessa@montevideo.com.uy

I loved the shots at the university, the school of law. You must have Palacio Legislativo over there, I bet.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay,
I agree-- the lyrics aren't a good match for a video on Montevideo. Next time I'll try to find local music.
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