Wednesday, May 02, 2007


La Grasera

In addition to the grasera in our apartment that gets cleaned monthly , our building also has a collective grasera off the lobby that serves the apartments without their own grease traps. A truck comes twice a month to clean it.

I don't know why only the four apartments on the top floor have individual graseras.

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Hi Chuck,

In Brazil, homes are also required to have a caixa de gordura (grasera). I remember that it needed to be cleaned once in a while, but in my parents household this was done by the maids.
This site here explains why graseras are important
This site indicates they are also used in the US:
I am still not sure why we don't seem to need to clean them in the US. Cheers
Hola Chuck. No sé nada de inglés, pero caí en tu blog por una recomendación de un amigo.
Soy uruguaya, actualmente vivo en México. No imaginas lo interesante que es para mi ver el paisito a través de tus ojos.
El relevamiento que estás haciendo es muy interesante y revelador.
Ojalá entiendas lo que escribí, yo no entiendo casi nada pero sólo con las fotos me alcanza (como cuando era chica y miraba los dibujos en los libros de cuentos)
Gracias y saludos.
Hi Chuck,
It could be great if every country start to use "graseras" because in places like Australia where I am living we are poluting the seas with so much grease.


I guess the question remains: where does the waste from the greasetrap(graseras) go after been taken out from them?. If it ends up being thrown to the sea by the trucks or people that collects it, then we are only "caring" for the pipes of the cities, but not for the environment. I have no clue if that material is being processed in some facility in Uruguay, or just dumped in some place afterwards.

take care.
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