Friday, May 04, 2007


Universidad de la Republica

Education is part of Uruguay's constitution and the country has a long history of public education. The Universidad de la Republica is the country's largest university with over 70,000 students. It doesn't have the large campus typical of US universities but rather individual facultades throughout the city. As a public institution, tuition is free.

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What's your opinion of Higer Education Uruguay? What are the main differences with the USA?
Free education. I wonder how many nations on earth can claim this outstanding achievement in this age of "user pay" and privatization.
Uruguayan higher education may have some shortcomings when it comes to resources but the standard of University degrees is among the highest in the world. Not a bad achievement from a third world nation.
This is something all Uruguayans can feel proud
Good point! I wonder why Uruguayans feel proud of their Education. In the chart of top 400 Universities around the world only Ort University shows from Uruguay and does poorly 350 place or so.

Is there any organization or agency to assess Higer Education in Uruguay?
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