Wednesday, May 16, 2007



It's easy for US citizens to visit Uruguay-- tourist visas are free and they're valid for 90 days from arrival. We've visited Buenos Aires and Patagonia and each time we returned to Montevideo we got new visas valid for another 90 days.

Since it had been nearly 3 months from our last trip to Argentina, it was time to visit the immigration office (in the Ciudad Vieja on Misiones street.) We tried to go yesterday afternoon, but the office closed at 2:30, so we went this morning. The process was pretty quick and painless. (It cost about $12 U.S.) The renewal is good for another 90 days and we'll be returning to Kalamazoo before it expires.

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Why you do not get a student visa?
So, now that your departure to the states is near, what are you planning on taking home from Uruguay? What do you think you'll be missing?

I guess a few good Kg's of "Dulce de leche" are due!
I'll miss my friends here and the hospitality of the Uruguayan people. I'm not sure what souvenirs I'll bring back.

I'm afraid I'm bringing home a couple of kilos worth of dulce de leche on my stomach.
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