Saturday, June 30, 2007


At the Ambassador's

Last August when we were packing to come to Montevideo, my wife said, "be sure to bring a suit for when we're invited to tea with the Ambassador." I didn't think it would happen, but today we-- along with a few hundred other Americans living in Uruguay-- did visit the Ambassador at his official residence near Parque Batlle. I didn't drink tea or wear my suit, but I enjoyed fresh pineapple juice and bagels followed by a frothy beer. The occasion was an early Fourth of July celebration highlighted by the Marine color guard presenting the flag.

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Wish you a happy 4th of July. Also, I guess your time to go back to home sweet home is getting closer by the day. Wish you a nice "asado" at the Mercado del Puerto too.

BTW: care to discuss the differences between the US tax system and the new uruguayan one?
Bagels? Darn, if I knew they were going to serve bagels I would have RSVPed!
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