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Mollejas, typically cooked on the parrilla, are popular in Montevideo. In English, they're called sweetbreads [the thymus gland]. I'd never had them before coming to Uruguay but I've eaten them several times in the last year. Unlike some organ meats, mollejas have a very mild flavor. They can be a little fatty, so they are frequently served with lemon.

Here's a recipe.

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They've become one of my favorite appetizers.

They serve them very well, in a place called don koto, in colonia, and gaboto.
Mmmm...mi gusta molleja! (mustache up!)
Have you tried "chinchulines". There is a wild taste for you!!!.
I remember our"parrilladas" in Atlantida, mollejas,chinchulines,morsillas,chorisos.
On Sundays my mom would cook "ravioles de espinaca i seso". She always said ravioli with cow's brains would make us smarter.
Wild mob us Uruguayans with our food!!!!!
Next time you eat molleja, ask the waiter if they have fariña (ground cassava). After adding the lemon, lightly coat each piece in the fariña, and it will help a lot with the fattiness. The fariña is more common near the Brazilian border, but most parrillas in Montevideo will have it.

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