Friday, July 06, 2007


Parque Lecocq

Parque Lecocq is Montevideo's other zoo. It's much bigger than Zoologico Villa Dolores and has fewer types of animals, so the enclosures are very spacious and there's a lot of open space between exhibits.

They have a good collection of native Uruguayan species, including a large number of ├▒andues and carpinchos. The Paseo del Monte is a worthwhile guided tour through natural forest with cages for wildcats, coatis, mao pelado (a kind of raccoon), and coend├║ (a porcupine).

Animals from other continents include lions, zebras, and monkeys. The park also has large areas for picnicking and a snack stand selling churros and popcorn.

It's about 20 kilometers west of Montevideo just before Ruta 1 crosses the Rio Santa Lucia into the Departamento de San Jose. There's no sign from the highway but if you exit Ruta 1 at Santiago Vazquez there are signs directing you to turn right, then take the 1st left to the zoo.

Admission: 40 pesos per car (although no one was collecting it this afternoon).

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I don't recall how I stumbled upon your blog about your year sabbatical in Uruguay but I have enjoyed its simplicity and the great variety of subjects. I regret to read that your sabbatical is nearing it's end.
hi, i'm uruguayan and i enjoyed your blog, i think you got the spirit of the country...

however, let me correct something, you posted a video about everyday life in montevideo but you included an argentinian song about buenos aires in it... well... you know how uruguayans are and i guess many will be upset with this fact. Nevermind, nice to see how a foreigner see our people. Thanks a lot...
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