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Asado is Uruguay's most typical food from the parrilla. Ribs are cut crossways to make a steak-like piece of beef with little nubbins of bone. Asado is more flavorful but less tender than steak. It's generally one of the cheaper beef cuts on a menu. I like it a lot but some people find it too fatty.

Asado is also the general name for barbecue, so if a Uruguayan invites you to an asado you can expect to spend several hours enjoying various cuts of grilled meat.

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Aaron and I were just at La Otra for lunch. How funny that you wrote about this today. We{re sending you a memento. Look out for it at your university mail address.

em and aaron
Shall we enlighten everyone on the "other" choices you mention? By the way, I wrote about an asado of sorts in my blog recently...I still need to find a place that serves that mig mouse thing from around here...mmmmm, big mouse....
I'm from uruguay and actually in the U.S. with my wife and daughter doing my PhD in material science.
Do you know that you can ask for asado meat in the Giant store? (if you have that one overthere)
You have to ask for "short ribs" crosscut 1.1/2 "
Good luck.
Nice to heard than people are going to visit Uruguay.
Also, if a Uruguayan invites you to an asado you can expect to spend several hours talking, deliciously wasting time, fixing the world, exchanging opinions, laughing and all that latin stuff! :-)

Very nice blog, I will come back. It´s interesting to find out a foreigner´s opinion.
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