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Many familiar brand names are available in Uruguay. Coke and Sprite are the most popular refrescos; Doritos and Lay's potato chips are prominent snacks; and Hellmann's is the leading ketchup.

Ketchup? In the US, Hellmann's is synonymous with mayonnaise. (See, for instance.) I'd never even heard of Hellman's ketchup before arriving here. Every restaurant seems to serve it and it's the dominant brand at grocery stores. The only place I've seen Heinz ketchup in Uruguay was at the US trade exhibit at the Expo.

Hellmann's ketchup nicely illustrates the global economy. Hellmann's is a well-known US brand, started by a German immigrant in New York City in 1905 . The ketchup sold here in Uruguay is produced in Argentina. Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch food and soap giant, owns Hellmann's and markets its products worldwide. Multinational ketchup!

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Hi Chuck!

I just found your blog and wanted to drop you a note and say that I am thrilled to have a found a blog about Uruguay in English! You have a new reader!

I live in an Uruguayn enclave (relatively speaking, of course, for a people whose home country only has 3.5 million to begin with) in NJ near Newark Airport and I have fallen in love with all things Uruguayan (the fact that my girlfriend is Uruguayan perhaps makes that inevitable).

I have not yet had the opportunity to travel to Uruguay (my gf fled the country during the dictatorship and is not too anxious to return), but I have always been very curious what the country itself is like.

I shall read your blog with much interest!

Good luck,
Hey there Chuck! I stumbled upon your blog while searching Google for "Hellman's Ketchup". A group of my friends and I were at Hershey Park not too long ago, and magically, there it was! I was so blown away, I had to, like you, take a picture. Just thought I'd share it.
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