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When I first arrived in Uruguay, the old cars and trucks really grabbed my attention and I snapped a lot of photos. The antique vehicles marked Montevideo as someplace different. Now I hardly notice them, but every once in a while they do catch my attention again.

A few days ago, while waiting for a bus, I saw one and shot this ten second video.

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I'm on a ship in BA and will be in Montevideo on Saturday Feb 10. Do you have any information about Carnaval events for Saturday night?
The tablados throughout the city will have events, as does the Teatro de Verano. Most start around 9 pm. Weekend tickets are a little more expensive, but still a good value.

I haven't seen Saturday's schedule but it should be online soon. See
I found the calendar for Saturday and wonder if you could provide a little insight?
We'll be there one night and would like to do whatever is the best thing to do, more or less regardless of cost.
Can you make a recommendation?

Also, do you have a direct email and/or telephone number? Maybe I could email or call for some ideas

My email is

I can't really compare the different venues, since I've only been to Defensor Sporting. Similarly, I don't know the "hot" groups. Most shows will have a combination of 3 or 4 groups. Generally I enjoy murga more than the parodistas or humoristas. I haven't seen a revista. Candombe I've seen in the parades but not on a stage. (Lubolos seem to be candombe groups & they do appear on some stages.)

I think you'd have an interesting experience at either a tablado (there are a lot-- I'd pick a convenient neighborhood) or at the teatro de vernano (which may be more likely to be sold-out).
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