Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Making Chorizo

Once a year at the Estancia Los Morteros they make their own chorizo. Usually it's a mid-Winter activity (June or July) but the pigs had been troublesome this year so they decided to move the process to the weekend we visited. It was interesting to see and a good reminder that meat doesn't ultimately come from the supermarket.

None of the pig was wasted; most of it became chorizo, but the legs were salted to make ham and we ate delicious spareribs for dinner. A couple of big pots simmered on the fire for head cheese. The skins cured on the shed roof and the dogs ate the scraps. The chorizo, cooked slowly over embers, was great.

If you don't follow the dictum, "people who love sausage and respect the law should never watch either being made," you may like this video:

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As I sit in my office cube, eating the closest thing to a Chevito that I can create from the cafeteria... I watch/read your chorizo post and realize just how mediocre my sandwich really is.
Great post. Thanks Chuck.
My family and I have enjoyed following your experiences in Uruguay and are impressed that you have noticed the feel and pace of the country and MVD. We live in the states but have an apartment in Pocitos and visit every few months. We stumbled upon the Primus Museum during our last visit in Dec. and were suprised to see your blog post on it and became more interested and put this on our list to do for the next visit. We are back in MVD and tried to visit it this past week but no luck. Do you have a phone number that you could pass along? We understand from someone on the street that CapĀ“n Massoni is the operator of the museum and we would like to contact him for a visit. thanks Pablo.
My understanding is the Primus museum is a private collection. It is listed with a realtor, who would probably be able to arrange a visit if you're interested.

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