Monday, June 04, 2007


Scenes from Montevideo

Here's my latest video in what seems to be something of a series. Like Part I and Part II, this video isn't about a specific thing but instead it presents scenes from everyday life in Uruguay's capital city.

Here's today's video:

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Very entertaining! I especially liked the shots of the guys hoisting the sofa.
Great shots again and you couldn't have picked a better song! Thank you
That's so awesome Chuck, you gotta keep that series going--and make Harry Potter or James Bond look bad!
I thought the beginning was particularly spooky--I'm not sure how many tourists are going to come running after seeing the Basuro's and such, but those of us that live here know that's just one of the lovable unique things about this wonderful modern city and it's people! Love the soundtrack, but again, maybe I can get you some equally authentic Uruguayan but more upbeat soundtrack samples, like Jorge Drexler or No Te Va A Gustar; e-me! Lastly, when I first saw the couch, I thought it was a giant cow-shaped helium balloon! Oh, and I like the shots where you're stealthiy strategically placed in the cockpit of the chuck-mobile! Great job bro!
Great work Chuck, This last year following your blog has really been a learning experience. We should be closing on our apartment soon and hope to be down in MVD by mid-July. When are you leaving for the States? I really would like to meet and thank you in person.
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