Friday, June 22, 2007


El Campo

It's a rainy day in Montevideo so I decided to put together a little video from Uruguay's countryside. The clips are from my visits to two working estancias: Estancia Las Cecilias and Estancia Los Morteros. Like my Montevideo series, this video isn't of a particular event but rather a general look at the campo.

My earlier rural videos include: weighing sheep, making sausage, and rodeo.

Here's today's video:

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Again, Awesome video and a warm embracing view of Uruguay!

I especially liked the section with the horse eating the grass next to the line of laundry drying in the wind. I could imagine the horse tiring of the grass and nibbling on the clothes.
excellent video. I would have loved the "real Zitarrosa" version of "Dona Soledad" in the background.
Your journey must be comming to an end soon. For the past six month i have religiously followed your blog. You have done an excellent job at capturing the essence of Uruguay.
I wish you and your family a safe trip back. No doubt you will return to "el paisito"' Its people are too generous to forget.
your ossie-uruguayan friend.
I will miss your blog about my "pago" once you go back home. Me too, I have gotten accoustumed to reading your entries every day for the las few months. I donĀ“t know if there is out there any other place in the web where one can find such a complete an detailed veiw of Uruguay. Gracias!
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