Saturday, September 29, 2007


Discover Montevideo

Descubrí Montevideo, a tourist guide published by the city, includes this list titled,
"You can't leave without..."
Walking along the Rambla
Watching the sunset from the coastline
Seeing Montevideo's bay and port from Capurro
Going to see a murga at the Teatro de Verano
Stopping by the traditional fishing stalls at Punta Carretas
Eating at a fish stall at the recreational port of Buceo.
Dining at the parrilla (barbecue) restaurants at the Mercado del Puerto.
Accompanying the grilled meats with a glass of Roldós Medio y Medio
Drinking an "uvita" at the bar Fun Fun
Dancing a tango or milonga
Visiting the Cerro fortress
Going to the Tristan Narvaja street market
Visiting the legendary Centenario stadium
Drinking grappa miel with lemon
Visiting the panoramic platform at the Telecommunications tower
Drinking a mate with a Montevidean
Eating the traditional Chajá and Massini pastries
Running into a parading string of drums playing candombe
Strolling around the Ciudad Vieja and the Sarandí pedestrian mall
Experiencing the night life (la movida) in the Ciudad Vieja
Seeing the National Theater company (la Comedia Nacional) perform at the Teatro Solís.
Buying garrapiñada (candied peanuts) on 18 de Julio avenue.
Eating roasted peanuts on the Sarandí pier (la Escollera Sarandí)

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Hooray! Chuck lives! What a great list of things to do! Between Leandra and I were proud to say we've done it all save the view from the telecommunications tower--that's Antel right?--but once again, you've given another wonderful idea for a mini-excursion! Thanks Chuck!!!
Tell me about this grappa miel with lemon. Is that the hot alcoholic drink made in a cauldron and served on the Summer solstice?
great blog chuck. Couldnt agree with you more on your list. Done most of it in the 7 months that i've been here. Havent made it to Teatro solis yet.
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